Wednesday, June 8, 2011

F. Harold: Six Nights of Comedy at the Walnut Street Theatre (from a girl who doesn't know much about stand-up)

Off to a good start, F. Harold began on June 7th at Studio 5 in the Walnut Street Theatre. The night was an even split of stand-up and improv comedy. The audience turn-out was great at their response was enthusiastic.
Stand-up John Kensil opened the festival and was followed by The Hendersons, an independent improv team taking on the stage for their first time. They do have some recognizable names with lots of experience behind them. I didn't get to see either of the first two sets, regrettably, but all the reviews were positive. With performers like Aaron Hertzog, Becca Trabin and Brendan Kennedy involved, it isn't much of surprise. I've yet to see Shannon Brown, Jenn Curcio or Rachel Whitworth in performance mode, but based on what I know, this group has promise. Francis Cattani and Adam Siry complete the line-up and I'm sure the other Hendersons can vouch for them.
An even larger group performed tonight in Steve Kleinedler's vision-come-to-life The Really Big Show featuring Amie Roe. In this thirty minute performance, she was joined by more than a dozen improvisers who jumped in as they saw fit to create a whole slew of scenes and characters.
In the wake of Duofest, Rosen & Milkshake managed to prove we haven't had our fill of pairs. They did another great job, this time filling up the confines of a cramped public restroom with an exorbitant number of distinct characters. Grimacchio,on the other hand managed to take full advantage of the large stage. They came in running and kept the energy up throughout their performance.
I haven't had as much exposure to stand-up but I can tell Carolyn Busa was well received. Following her really funny performance I caught some positive feedback in the lobby. Ryan Carey and Aaron Hertzog performed also, but I didn't get a chance to see either of them. There's no doubt that they were both fantastic though; I heard lots of laughing through the wall. Pat House closed the show. Though I didn't get to catch his performance, I did see him at the Troc with Pauly Shore a couple of weeks ago and he managed to steal that show.

F. Harold will take place through Sunday night at Studio 5 in the Walnut Street Theatre.
Check the website for more information.

Recurring themes I noticed: Bathrooms + Crossword Puzzles

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